Foto: Ina Aydogan

Born and raised in Lower Austria, I’m currently based in Vienna as a pianist, composer, improviser and pedagogue.

Besides Vienna my studies in Music- and Movementeducation/Rhythmics and (Jazz)Piano brought me to Brussels, New York and Tel Aviv.

Improvisation is the main focus of my artistic works. I am strongly influenced by Jazz and the approach to music it implies, another vital source of inspiration are movement, dance and bodywork.

I lead my own bands, perform nationally and internationally with various artists, compose and play for dancers and create music theater plays for young audiences. As a pedagogue I am on the faculty of the department for music- and movementeducation at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and lead workshops on improvisation and other music and movement related topics.

From 2014 - 2016 I was part of the organization team of the musicians' platform Freifeld and its label Freifeld Tontraeger. In 2016 I founded the platform Fraufeld that focuses on increasing the visibility of female musicians and their works.