Ö1 Radiosession

Tuesday, 08.31.2021 by Verena Zeiner

Photo: David Almeida-Ribeiro

Vinicius Cajado and I recently recorded an Ö1 Radiosession. You can listen to it for a few more days, here:
We played composed as well as improvised pieces:
1. Immersion (comp.: Verena Zeiner)
2. Encounter of a day I (comp.: Vinicius Cajado, Verena Zeiner)
3. About sovereignty (comp.: Verena Zeiner)
4. Purpur (comp.: Vinicius Cajado, Verena Zeiner)
5. The wordless (comp.: Verena Zeiner)
6. Introducing people (comp.: Vinicius Cajado, Verena Zeiner)
7. Other people’s stories (comp.: Verena Zeiner)


Tuesday, 08.31.2021 by Verena Zeiner

Photo: Hanna Fasching

A few months ago I found myself having some time left in a studio, after recording an album that will be released later this year. Spontaneously I took the chance to do some solo recordings as well. A couple weeks before, Mira Lu Kovacs had released her new album „What Else Can Break“. One of the songs - „Stay A Little Longer“ - had been moving around my mind for a while. The music and lyrics of her beautiful piece touch me and speak to me… So, I decided to try a solo piano version of it. Here it is!
I’m honored to be part of the new EP „breakables“, alongside other great musicians who created their own versions of Mira’s songs.
Get the music >>

Stay a little longer / Variation for piano
Piano recorded by David Furrer / Aurorastudios Vienna
Electronics recorded by Wolfgang Schlögl
Mixed and mastered by Martin Siewert

Award winner

Monday, 12.21.2020 by Verena Zeiner

Photo: Stefan Sappert

I'm very grateful and happy to have received the award "Kulturpreis 2020 des Landes NÖ" for music!
Find more information and videos here:

New videos

Wednesday, 07.22.2020 by Verena Zeiner

Watch the new solopiano videos recorded in May 2020 in cooperation with the Austrian Cultural Forum London:
At Ease, Fragment of a Whole I, Fragment of a Whole II & Fragment of a Whole III.
Verena Zeiner: piano and compositions
Joe Gridl: sound and videos


Monday, 07.13.2020 by Verena Zeiner

I am very happy about the award "Anerkennungspreis des Landes NÖ in der Sparte Musik", that I'll receive this year!
Details follow!

vinyl vinyl vinyl!

Friday, 07.10.2020 by Verena Zeiner

May I introduce: my soloalbum No Love Without Justice on vinyl!
It's a handnumbered, 180g, limited edition made by the great guys of Austrovinyl - Johann Fauster and Peter Wendler.
Once more I want to thank everybody involved in this close to my heart project: Caitlin Smith for producing, Markus Wallner for recording and more, Ziv Ravitz for mixing and mastering, Alex Streicher (mahola/screenaddicts) and Paul Zeiner for the artwork!
The vinyl world is quite new to me - but oh so exciting already! Special thanks to Christian Dolezal for his infectious vinyl-passion and expertise on every aspect of it!

Order via mail to (vinyl: €38,- plus shipping)
or here: