Princess Himbeere

Sunday, 03.15.2015 by Verena Zeiner

There's a new video online. Some impressions...
With Elisabeth Orlowsky, Julia and Marlene Lacherstorfer, Mathias Koch and myself.
Recorded in September 2014 at Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche.

Video - Birgit Haiden
Sound - Alex Yannilos
Teaser - Verena Zeiner

Deep Tone Diving

Wednesday, 03.11.2015 by Verena Zeiner

(c) Paul Zeiner the title of a workshop for musicians and dancers that I'm giving next week at the International Eurhythmics Festival in Remscheid (Germany). In collaboration with dancer and choreographer Elisabeth Orlowsky.

See details: Deep Tone Diving, International Eurhythmics Festival

Freifeld Audio Archive

Saturday, 01.10.2015 by Verena Zeiner

Listen to the Human Circus Release show in the audio archive of Freifeld Tontraeger!

Sound: Alexander Yannilos
Photos: Paul Zeiner


Interview on Austrian public radio

Sunday, 01.04.2015 by Verena Zeiner

Ines Reiger invited me to present Human Circus at Ö1 Jazznacht (jazz night).
Last night around 2 am, while it was pouring down rain and snow outside, we were sitting in a cozy studio talking about music and other things.
The interview will be online for another seven days. It's in German, but there's also a lot of music.
(it starts at 1:58:00, ends at 2:55:00)

Ö1 Jazznacht

I wish you all a happy and fulfilling new year!

The Release Show

Monday, 12.15.2014 by Verena Zeiner

... seen by Paul Zeiner.

With Andrea Nagl, Mira Lu Kovacs, Phil Yaeger & Mathias Koch.

Princess Himbeere - book and cd

Monday, 12.08.2014 by Verena Zeiner

Now available Prinzessin Himbeere - book and cd!

Illustrations - Jutta Goldgruber
Text - Hubertus Zorrell, Jutta Goldgruber, Verena Zeiner
Music - Verena Zeiner, Julia Lacherstorfer, Mathias Koch, Marlene Lacherstorfer
Sound - Alexander Yannilos
Recorded in September 2014 at Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche
Layout - Karin Wedl

Please get in touch to purchase the book and/or cd!