Princess Himbeere and her Band

A story about the courage to do the first step.
Music, dance and theatre for children from 6 years onwards.

Once upon a time there was a princess. She was beautiful, smart, very talented – but not that young anymore. Actually, she should have been married to Prince Franz a while ago but on short notice he had to go and help fighting a dragon in another kingdom. Well, our Princess Himbeere has been waiting for his return for 30 years already! In the beginning she had a lot of fun in her castle, being surrounded by the court orchestra and her friends...

But one day, after a long time of waiting Himbeere was overwhelmed by deep sadness. Nothing seemed to cheer her up. Everybody was at a loss. Except the court musicians who came up with a great idea and convinced the princess to go on an adventurous journey herself...

Elisabeth Orlowsky and Verena Zeiner / Idea
Elisabeth Orlowsky / Dance and acting
Verena Zeiner / Piano and composition
Julia Lacherstorfer / Violin and composition
Marlene Lacherstorfer / Bass and composition
Mathias Koch / Vibraphon, percussion and composition
Hubertus Zorell / Text
Anna Hauer / Director