"The best art expresses deeply personal sentiments in a universal language. “No Love Without Justice” does just that: born out of a process of intense personal exploration, Verena harnesses the piano to convey an emotional atmosphere that feels very timely. With an unflinching gaze, she examines aggression, power, anger, and love in her compositions. This album is the work of a truly formidable woman, pianist, and artist." (Caitlin Smith)

"To me there is nothing more valuable than to be invited on a journey by an artist that has found his or her own voice. Especially when it concerns a beautiful journey like the one Verena Zeiner invites the listener to join, where sensitivity and beauty are crafted into art." (Diederik Wissels)


No Love Without Justice (arooo.records, february 2020)
In Between Now And Then (Freifeld Tontraeger 2017)
Fraufeld Vol.1 (Freifeld Tontraeger 2017)
Klio (Freifeld Tontraeger 2017)
Human Circus (Freifeld Tontraeger 2014)
Prinzessin Himbeere (2014)

Prinzessin Himbeere (Book and cd)
ISBN 978-395039310-1