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Tuesday, 01.05.2016 by Verena Zeiner

There's a brandnew website presenting all artists, the philosophy and technical details that create the unique sound of FREIFELD TONTRAEGER. Happy to be part of it!

Deep Tone Diving

Wednesday, 10.28.2015 by Verena Zeiner

Off to Rome and L'Aquila!
Deep Tone Diving at Il cuorpo nel suono!


Wednesday, 08.26.2015 by Verena Zeiner

Watch the documentary about the International Eurhythmicsfestival in Remscheid last March and gain some insights into Deep Tone Diving (min. 16:15)!

The Everlasting Fount

Tuesday, 08.18.2015 by Verena Zeiner

Human Circus live!

Thursday, 07.02.2015 by Verena Zeiner

Mira Lu Kovacs / Vocals, Phil Yaeger / Trombone, Mathias Koch / Drums, Andrea Nagl / Dance, Verena Zeiner / Piano.

Pictures "orange" / Paul Zeiner, pictures "blackwhite" / Sabine Pichler, sound / Alex Yannilos
April 2015


Saturday, 06.27.2015 by Verena Zeiner

Foto: W.Brunnbauer

This August I'll go to Buenos Aires (Argentina) and be part of Jornadas internacionales sobre el ritmo en las artes with The Everlasting Fount.
In September and October I'll travel to Remscheid (Germany) and L'Aquila (Italy) where I hold workshops on Deep Tone Diving.

I'm looking forward to it!

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