This is Klio

Wednesday, 05.06.2015 by Verena Zeiner

Thanks for coming out to our very first concert! Thank you Freifeld and Alexander Yannilos for recording and mixing the music. You can listen the concert in full length at Freifeld Online-Library and find details on this website (projects - Klio).

Festival impressions

Friday, 05.01.2015 by Verena Zeiner

Thank you for coming out to the festival Hoerthoert!
Thanks to the team: Werner Zangerle, Philipp Harnisch, Walter Singer, Niki Dolp, Jakob Gnigler, Villy Paraskevopoulos, Reini Schramml, Alex Yannilos.
Thanks to the band - Andrea Nagl, Mira Lu Kovacs, Philip Yaeger, Mathias Koch.

All pics by Sabine Pichler!


Saturday, 03.28.2015 by Verena Zeiner the name of a new quartett with Judith Ferstl (Bass), Philipp Harnisch (Altosax), Mathias Koch (Drums) and myself on piano and other keyboards. So unexpected that we don't even know how to describe the music. We didn't mean to become a band; we just wanted to play a bit...

Anyway - our first concert is on Thursday, April 23th 2015, 8:30 pm at Freistunde (; 7*Stern Wohnzimmer (Siebensterngasse 31, 1070 Vienna).

We will play our music and we're looking forward to seeing you!

Princess Himbeere

Sunday, 03.15.2015 by Verena Zeiner

There's a new video online. Some impressions...
With Elisabeth Orlowsky, Julia and Marlene Lacherstorfer, Mathias Koch and myself.
Recorded in September 2014 at Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche.

Video - Birgit Haiden
Sound - Alex Yannilos
Teaser - Verena Zeiner

Deep Tone Diving

Wednesday, 03.11.2015 by Verena Zeiner

(c) Paul Zeiner the title of a workshop for musicians and dancers that I'm giving next week at the International Eurhythmics Festival in Remscheid (Germany). In collaboration with dancer and choreographer Elisabeth Orlowsky.

See details: Deep Tone Diving, International Eurhythmics Festival

Freifeld Audio Archive

Saturday, 01.10.2015 by Verena Zeiner

Listen to the Human Circus Release show in the audio archive of Freifeld Tontraeger!

Sound: Alexander Yannilos
Photos: Paul Zeiner