Interview on Austrian public radio

Sunday, 01.04.2015 by Verena Zeiner

Ines Reiger invited me to present Human Circus at Ö1 Jazznacht (jazz night).
Last night around 2 am, while it was pouring down rain and snow outside, we were sitting in a cozy studio talking about music and other things.
The interview will be online for another seven days. It's in German, but there's also a lot of music.
(it starts at 1:58:00, ends at 2:55:00)

Ö1 Jazznacht

I wish you all a happy and fulfilling new year!

The Release Show

Monday, 12.15.2014 by Verena Zeiner

... seen by Paul Zeiner.

With Andrea Nagl, Mira Lu Kovacs, Phil Yaeger & Mathias Koch.

Princess Himbeere - book and cd

Monday, 12.08.2014 by Verena Zeiner

Now available Prinzessin Himbeere - book and cd!

Illustrations - Jutta Goldgruber
Text - Hubertus Zorrell, Jutta Goldgruber, Verena Zeiner
Music - Verena Zeiner, Julia Lacherstorfer, Mathias Koch, Marlene Lacherstorfer
Sound - Alexander Yannilos
Recorded in September 2014 at Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche
Layout - Karin Wedl

Please get in touch to purchase the book and/or cd!

Thank you!

Monday, 12.01.2014 by Verena Zeiner

Thank you for coming out to our release show! What a wonderful evening!

Thanks Verein Freifeld - Alex Yannilos, Georg Vogel, Alex Kranabetter, Martin Burk, Philipp Harnisch, Julia Reschenhofer - for organising this concert!

Mira Lu Kovacs, Phil Yaeger, Mathias Koch and Andrea Nagl - thank you so much for your musicality and energy!

This is how it looks like...

(photos by Paul Zeiner)

Human Circus / part five

Saturday, 11.29.2014 by Verena Zeiner

Photographer Maria Frodl created a series of extraordinary photos for Human Circus, showing three humans in motion. Human Circus will be released on november 30th, 2014. For full enjoyment listen to the music while you're watching the video.

Human Circus / part four

Friday, 11.28.2014 by Verena Zeiner

A musical summary...