Behind the scene | 5

Saturday, 12.21.2019 by Verena Zeiner

"I got to know Ziv Ravitz and his music almost 10 years ago at a concert at Smalls in NY. It was one of those eye-opening concerts that had quite an impact on me... since then, whenever I hear and see him play, I feel reminded that making music is nothing less than a love affair that you indulge with every fiber of your being.
Recently he mixed and mastered my new album and I'm really grateful for the beautiful ideas he brought to it .."

Behind the scene | 4

Thursday, 12.19.2019 by Verena Zeiner

Foto: Paul Zeiner

"I'd like to draw your attention to the person behind the camera: my brother Paul who has been documenting a lot of my concerts and events including the recent recording session. His mission as a photographer is capturing the aesthetics of form and movement and inspiring people to find and play with the creative potential of their own daily movement. This has to do with his work as a physiotherapist and I find it quite unique that his approaches to physiotherapy also include an artistic one... Connecting art and bodywork is something we have in common. I find gaining knowledge about anatomy & physiology and developing body awareness an essential part of playing, creating and teaching music. Not just for health reasons but because I believe it’s the key to opening up to the present moment - the place where music starts."

Behind the scene | 3

Wednesday, 12.11.2019 by Verena Zeiner

Photo: Paul Zeiner

"Recording solo can be a challenge in terms of maintaining focus, concentration, inspiration and energy for several recording days in a row. To keep it fresh Caitlin and I decided that she will prepare topics for spontaneous improvisations. She brought texts, pictures and objects - and now actually four out of seven pieces on the album are real-time-compositions based on her impulses."

Behind the scene | 2

Thursday, 12.05.2019 by Verena Zeiner

Foto: Paul Zeiner

"A master of sound - experienced, relaxed, humorous, fabulous; the first one to come, the last to go; he would never force an opinion on you but surely has a wise one when you ask him - Markus Wallner!"


Behind the scene | 1

Thursday, 12.05.2019 by Verena Zeiner

Photo: Paul Zeiner

"I met Caitlin Smith (Canadian composer and producer living in Vienna) about three years ago and she became not only an important fellow musician but also a close friend. We share a lot of experiences and values. So asking her to produce my album was an obvious choice. Except being a very professional and skillful producer she was an immense moral and emotional support throughout the whole production.
During the recording process she sometimes came into the recording room, sat down and asked questions or shared her thoughts. But first always the questions, so that I could reflect on the music and maybe realize things on my own ;) Her questions never left a bad feeling. They were always empowering. The music we recorded in only two days could fill two albums (maybe it will..) and that's also due to Caitlin. We need more people like her in music production!"


No Love Without Justice

Tuesday, 09.17.2019 by Verena Zeiner

Foto: Paul Zeiner

The new solo album No Love Without Justice will be released on February 14th 2020!

RadioKulturhaus / Studio 3

Piano and compositions: Verena Zeiner
Produced by Caitlin Smith
Recorded by Markus Wallner
Mixed and mastered by Ziv Ravitz

More infos coming soon!