A new solo-album

Sunday, 05.12.2019 by Verena Zeiner

A new solo album is in the making!
It's going to be released in fall 2019.

Piano & compositions: Verena Zeiner
Produced by Caitlin Smith
Recorded by Markus Wallner
Mixed and mastered by Ziv Ravitz


Jazzwerkstatt Wien Festival

Saturday, 08.18.2018 by Verena Zeiner

Jazzwerkstatt Wien Festival 2018 is coming up!
Verena Zeiner (solo) and Fraufeld Fieldwork are part of it!


Line up:

Jazz from Austria

Saturday, 08.18.2018 by Verena Zeiner

Klio made it to the front page of the brochure "Jazz from Austria" published by Austrian Music Export!
Photo: Paul Zeiner

Solo @JazzWerkstatt Festival

Thursday, 07.12.2018 by Verena Zeiner

In preparation: my new piano-solo-set, which premieres at this year's JazzWerkstatt Wien Festival.
20 September 2018, 20:30, Wuk Wien

So, I got some new toys. Soldered by myself! Under the guidance of soldering master Stefan Voglsinger...

Nude With Amber Necklace

Monday, 01.22.2018 by Verena Zeiner

The greatest inspiration while creating my solo album was this woman: Paula Modersohn-Becker. A german painter, born 1876. She took on the challenge of living a life that was far ahead of her time.
One of my pieces is especially dedicated to her: "Nude With Amber Necklace". It's also the title of a painting by Paula Modersohn-Becker that is said to be the first nude self-portrait in art history depicting a female painter herself.
It was created on Mai 25th 1906, on her 6th wedding day, but far away from her husband, in Paris, where she repeatedly spent longer periods of time to develop her skills as an artist.
Independently - at least in spirit. Because she also realized that she will never be able to make it on her own financially. She went back to Worpswede, where she lived with her husband... And died in November 1907, 31 years old, about two weeks after giving birth to her first child...
Only after her death her family, friends and contemporaries recognized the fullness and quality of her life's work...

Solo Album Teaser

Tuesday, 12.05.2017 by Verena Zeiner

The album is available on Freifeld Tontraeger, iTunes,...:

Find Details here: In Between Now And Then