Solo Album Release

Thursday, 11.16.2017 by Verena Zeiner

What an amazing evening!
My solo-album-release-concert, also featuring solo sets of Emily Stewart & Stefan Voglsinger.

The album depicts a two-year period of exploration, search and confrontation with myself and the world around.
In seven pieces different places, times and pianos (and probably various sides of myself) meet each other, connected through electro-acoustic threads.

Recorded 2015, 2016 and 2017 by Alexander Yannilos.
Mixed and mastered by Alexander Yannilos.
Produced by Verena Zeiner and Alexander Yannilos.
Artwork by Irene Reichart.

Photos: Paul Zeiner

Fraufeld Vol.1 - Release

Thursday, 11.16.2017 by Verena Zeiner

FRAUFELD Vol.1 is released!

FRAUFELD is a platform dedicated to actively increasing the visibility of female musicians.

FRAUFELD is a new sampler-series on Freifeld Tontraeger.

Vol.1 features 21 artists, contributing a total of 13 pieces,
impressively showcasting not only each ensembles' unique qualities, but the immense diversity of progressive female instrumentalists today.

Curated by Verena Zeiner
Recorded & produced by Alexander Yannilos
Organized by Verena Zeiner, Sara Zlanabitnig and Nina Stainer.

Find details, further information, photos and videos on

Thank you!

Tuesday, 04.18.2017 by Verena Zeiner

Thank you all for coming to our release concert! It was a wonderful evening.
Thank you Freifeld Tontraeger and Alexander Yannilos!
Thank you Echoraum!
Thank you Paul Zeiner for taking pictures!


Save the Date!

Sunday, 02.19.2017 by Verena Zeiner

Freifeld Tontraeger presents:

KLIO Debut Album Release
March 31st 2017
Where: Echoraum, Sechshauserstraße 66, 1150 Wien
When: 8pm

Video & Sound: Alexander Yannilos


Monday, 01.16.2017 by Verena Zeiner

Fraufeld is a new project by the label Freifeld Tontraeger, producer Alexander Yannilos, flutist Sara Zlanabitnig, vocal artist Agnes Hvizdalek and myself. The idea was to start a new series of albums that focus on female musicians and their artistic works. To provide different perspectives every album will be curated by another musician. I'm responsible for the first album - Fraufeld#01 - that will be recorded in June 2017 and gathers 20 musicians. We are looking forward! Find details and news here: Fraufeld

Klio - a first glimpse!

Monday, 10.17.2016 by Verena Zeiner