Album release: Verena Zeiner & Ziv Ravitz

Saturday, 11.06.2021

Photo: Ian Ehm / Perrine Rosseau

The Sweetness of Finitude will be released on January 14th 2022 on Sessionwork Records.

Pianist Verena Zeiner and drummer Ziv Ravitz dedicate the music of their first duo album together to the sweet sensation of finitude — the possibilities that arise when presented with boundaries or the enjoyment of encountering a conclusion.

It’s a meeting of two musicians from completely different cultural backgrounds, raised in two completely different environments. On this album they find commonalities, like their musical roots in improvised music or their approach to making music.

They met 2011 in NYC, when they both lived in the city. A regular artistic exchange was followed by a first collaboration for Verena Zeiner’s solo album No Love without Justice (2020), which was mixed and mastered by Ziv Ravitz.

The Sweetness of Finitude is their dialog through music, dealing with questions of finitude in a duo setting: how can two musicians remain themselves while getting in touch with each other? What are their personal boundaries? How can they each hold their own places, positions, origins and background stories in a dialog and create something new together while being aware of their own personal finitude?



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