Tuesday, 08.31.2021

Photo: Hanna Fasching

A few months ago I found myself having some time left in a studio, after recording an album that will be released later this year. Spontaneously I took the chance to do some solo recordings as well. A couple weeks before, Mira Lu Kovacs had released her new album „What Else Can Break“. One of the songs - „Stay A Little Longer“ - had been moving around my mind for a while. The music and lyrics of her beautiful piece touch me and speak to me… So, I decided to try a solo piano version of it. Here it is!
I’m honored to be part of the new EP „breakables“, alongside other great musicians who created their own versions of Mira’s songs.
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Stay a little longer / Variation for piano
Piano recorded by David Furrer / Aurorastudios Vienna
Electronics recorded by Wolfgang Schlögl
Mixed and mastered by Martin Siewert

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