Chamber music

Thursday, 03.31.2022

"On Connection" is the title of a composition by Verena Zeiner for piano quintet, that will premiere in April 2022 at Pforte (Feldkirch, Vorarlberg), played by Ensemble Louise Farrenc:

There is a finding that is the result of a search.
The goal is clearly defined. Something very specific has to be sought and ideally found.
But there is also a finding that occurs without a previous search. A finding that seems to be effortless.
It differs in its quality from the experience of finding after a results-oriented search. It is much more like perceiving, discovering or recognizing something that is simply there. Maybe it has been there all the time, waiting to be found.
Often finding happens in moments when the attention of one or more people is fully connected to the here and now: unanticipated, observing, perceiving, receiving, accepting. It's a connection that goes in all directions. Inwards, to oneself on all levels - physical, emotional, mental - and outwards, to the world and to the people around us.
Connection becomes connectedness.
Connectedness creates presence.
Presence allows: finding and being found.

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