Goodbye Fraufeld!

Friday, 02.11.2022

Foto: Barbara Brandstätter

First things first: Fraufeld will go on! But I will leave.

I’m writing today’s announcement with one laughing and one crying eye, but also assuring that it is a well considered and well prepared step, that I take with a light heart, knowing that everything will be left in good hands.
Five years ago Sara Zlanabitnig and I founded Fraufeld, a platform dedicated to increasing the visibility of women in music. Milly Groz, Anna Anderluh and Joanna Quehenberger joined us a while ago and I am very proud of what we accomplished together. There is still a lot to do but it feels like we really contributed to getting some things moving.

Fraufeld took a lot of time and space in my life, I know it very well in all its details and have a strong emotional bond to it. But as life is evolving, there are new opportunities opening up for me, new creative projects knocking at my door and there are a lot of indications that change is necessary.
Also, Fraufeld brings attention to topics that affect us all. Therefore it’s important to share responsibilities, to keep a wide perspective and stay open for development.

Fraufeld will go on. 2022 is dedicated to restructuring and reorganizing it. Projects will pause for a while, to make space for this process. 

Thank you Sara, Milly, Anna and Joanna from the bottom of my heart - for everything! Your time, energy, work, care, trust, persistence - and most of all thank you for your friendship.
Thank you to all the wonderful, openminded, openhearted, creative people that were involved and supported our projects! I don’t have the words to express what it means to me that I have met you all and I’m looking forward to future adventures!

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