Human Circus

A multimodal project including music, dance and image.

Human Circus – a place where people and their personal stories meet, a place of variety, a melting pot. A moving place; flexible, neither cemented nor concreted. A place of simplicity and reduction. Of absurdities and oddities. A theater. A place to laugh, cry and dream. A charming, fabulous and mystical place. A retreat.

Verena Zeiner / Piano & compositions
Mira Lu Kovacs / Vocals
Philip Yaeger / Trombone
Mathias Koch / Drums
Alexander Yannilos / Sound
Elisabeth Orlowsky, Andrea Nagl & Verena Zeiner / Dance
Maria Frodl / Photos
Birgit Haiden / Videos
Produced by Verena Zeiner & Alexander Yannilos
Freifeld Tonträger 2014

Human Circus Gallery

All pictures by Maria Frodl.
Models: Andrea Nagl, Elisabeth Orlowsky, Verena Zeiner
Location: Urhof20

Photos "orange" by Paul Zeiner
Photos "blackwhite" by Sabine Pichler