No Love Without Justice

arooo.records, 2020

"Verena Zeiner’s new album is absolutely stunning. Sensitive, honest and captivating. I really recommend you give it a serious listen, it’s worth it." (Shai Maestro)

"To me there is nothing more valuable than to be invited on a journey by an artist that has found his or her own voice. Especially when it concerns a beautiful journey like the one Verena Zeiner invites the listener to join, where sensitivity and beauty are crafted into art." (Diederik Wissels)

The album is available on vinyl (handnumbered, 180g, limited edition), on CD, as well as on all digital platforms.

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"The best art expresses deeply personal sentiments in a universal language. “No Love Without Justice” does just that: born out of a process of intense personal exploration, Verena harnesses the piano to convey an emotional atmosphere that feels very timely. With an unflinching gaze, she examines aggression, power, anger, and love in her compositions. This album is the work of a truly formidable woman, pianist, and artist." (Caitlin Smith)

On her second solo album No Love Without Justice, pianist Verena Zeiner brings the listener into a space of intimacy and insight. Her compositions and improvisations tell of the possibilities and impossibilities of love -- through the piano and also through interacting with live electronic elements.

To develop this new album, Verena Zeiner collaborated with three distinguished artists: the Canadian composer and producer Caitlin Smith, as well as Viennese sound engineer Markus Wallner (recording) and Israeli musician Ziv Ravitz (mixing and mastering).
The beautiful result of this teamwork will be released on arooo.records.

Photos: Paul Zeiner