Improvising - A Multidimensional Process

Aims: The workshop is aimed at exploring ways to expand individual improvisational abilities for artistic or pedagogical practice.

Format: We will do this through exercises and improvisation in music and movement. Please bring your instruments and comfortable movement clothing!

The most rewarding moments for improvising artists or pedagogues are when ideas flow in a constant stream and allow us to create artistic works or learning situations effortlessly. What appears to be an act of letting go is actually a highly complex process, especially when there are certain artistic or pedagogic goals. Not only does it require courage to trust what we feel is right for the moment but also a wide knowledge, distinctive cognitive abilities and instrumental skill.
To develop improvisational abilities I believe it is vital to be aware that the process is a multidimensional phenomenon and all dimensions need to be fed equally.
A question that consistently appears in my artistic and pedagogical work is how we can shift between these dimensions when we improvise. Or, can we be present in all of them at the same time?
I suggest we let our bodies lead the way and connect to somatic rhythms and impulses. By enhancing body awareness and broadening perceptivity it will be possible to connect to the present moment and open up to the delicate state of mind where intuition takes over. An intuition well-fed by a broad perception - by information and emotion, expressed in an individual artistic language.

The Everlasting Fount

Photo: Gonzalo Cueva Churruarin

The influence of body rhythms on artistic creation.

As artists we are longing for the moments in our lives when ideas flow in a constant stream and allow us to create music, dance, paintings, lyrics or other forms of artistic works. We embrace these deeply satisfying moments that seem to happen effortlessly.
Through exercises and improvisation with movement and music the workshop will explore various ways to achieve the delicate state of mind artistic creation requires. Instead of using outer sources of inspiration we will connect to somatic rhythms and inner impulses and let our bodies lead the way. The translation of these impulses will be focused on musical expression but artists of other fields are invited to join the workshop.
By stimulating all of our senses we will know ourselves better, our body and how our body works. This increases our technical mastering of instruments, enhances our physical and mental stamina and deepens our artistic understanding and experience. Being connected to the body means being connected to the present moment - this is essential for creating and finding our individual artistic language.
Please bring your instruments!

Deep Tone Diving

Photo: Werner Brunnbauer

The workshop is designed for rhythmists, musicians and dancers interested in networking their artistic abilities. Through the medium of improvisation, it will explore diverse tensile states in the body and in music, focussing on a nuanced use of resources to influence (muscle) tone. We will be diving deep into details that have a rich, multifaceted effect on the combination of movement and music, with the goal of bridging possible communication gaps between movement artists and musicians. Musicians are requested to bring their instruments!

In collaboration with dancer, choreographer and actress Elisabeth Orlowsky