Magic Wall


Magic Wall was released on Nov 26th, 2021.


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Magic Wall is the first album of pianist Verena Zeiner and electronic musician I-Wolf aka Wolfgang Schlögl. The duo developed a timeless music that combines jazz references with contemporary sound structures, moving between instrumental virtuosity and technological approach. The acoustic instrument enters into a dialogue with electronic aesthetics. The pieces on the album fit together like scenes of a film and create a floating, surreal tension. They follow a fictional musical narrative, removed from mundane reality.

piano, synthesizers: Verena Zeiner
all other instruments: I-Wolf
compositions: Verena Zeiner and I-Wolf
piano recordings: Markus Wallner
additional recordings, mixing, mastering: I-Wolf
artwork: Eduardo Raon
cover photo: Maria Frodl

Seayou Records / SEA191LP
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Photos: Maria Frodl